Course Overview

The Freelancer Profit System course integrates over two decades of freelancing experience into a step-by-step program for starting, growing, and scaling your freelance business. In this exclusive program, you'll discover powerful secrets for living the freelance life.

Course Details

Only the Freelancer Profit System Course provides real-world instruction from individuals who have made over 7-figures offering freelance services. In this course, you'll discover:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to start, grow, or scale your freelance business.
  • How to earn extra income either part-time or full-time. No need to quit your day job.
  • How to create compelling offers that future customers can't say "no" to.
  • The best way to price your services. Don't price yourself too high, but don't leave any money on the table.
  • Powerful messaging strategies to attract potential customers to your offer like bees to honey.
  • Creating a strong identity. You may have to limit the number of clients you take on as a result of this strategy - they'll be pounding on the doors.
  • Implementing an online funnel to attract potential buyers on auto-pilot 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • How to close deals without selling. You're not a used car salesman, you're a freelancer. Use this strategy to 10x your close rate without a sales pitch.
  • Winning proposals. As part of the course we give you a proposal template that has generated over $1M in sales and explain why it works so well.
  • Effective onboarding strategies to keep clients longer and make them a pleasure to work with.
  • Freelancing tools you can't live without. We show you the actual tools we're using to run our business with minimal effort.
  • And so much more.

Laughing, All the Way to the Bank!

Meet Your Instructors

Greg Cesar is a business owner and marketing consultant for over two decades. He's developed multiple marketing courses and coached more than 10,000 individuals. As a freelancer and consultant, Greg has earned over 1 million dollars - working with individuals, groups, and leading brands including Fortune 100 companies.

Greg Cesar
Co-Founder, Freelancer Profit System

Michael Fleischner has been a marketing consultant for over a decade who started as a marketing freelancer part-time. He sold my first marketing consultancy in 2013 and has earned over a million dollars offering freelancing, consulting, and marketing services. Michael has worked with leading brands such as Munich Re, Intuit, and the Thomson corporation.

Michael Fleischner
Co-Founder, Freelancer Profit System

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